Girl Power 101: How to Get Yours and Support Her Too


Girl Power 101: How to Get Yours and Support Her Too

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Girl Power 101 addresses the social issues that WOC (Women of Color) as a group have yet to move past which keeps us from achieving greatness.  By putting our truths out in the open and giving real advice on how to diminish our old ways of thinking Girl Power 101 is a go-to guide for black women pushing to achieve the win that we all work so hard for.

In this book, the author gives a no-nonsense approach to breaking childish, “mean-girl” barriers through story telling of true accounts. This book touches on:

            •           Tapping into your inner girl power. Finding your voice and then be loud as hell.

            •           Creating healthy relationships with fellow boss babes, family and your girlfriends.

            •           Building wealth amongst each other.

            •           Staying in your lane.

            •           Loving who you are all the way to the bank of peace and abundance.

Once you reach this back cover again, you will have a positive formula for obtaining girl power all over the world, a distinct vision for your life and your business, and most of all a sisterhood.

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