Editing is one of the most important components of book publishing. You can Google that for yourself! We offer three tiers to our editing services.

  • Proof-Reading....$1.50/per page

Give your soon-to-be bestseller one final glance to check for basic cosmetic errors. No rearranging or reworking will be done to the manuscript. This should be the last phase in editing and is considered minor editing.

  • Copy Editing....$5/per page

Improve the style and format of your title with our copy editing service. We correct inconsistencies and check for accuracy. We also are on the look out for grammar and punctuation mistakes that might have been missed. And we make sure that your writing flows.

  • Content Editing....$10/per page

Pass the intense editing to us. Once you hand us your manuscript, we'll return it with rewritten sections, new ideas, and any major corrections that need to be made. (*Major corrections are merely suggestions that must be accepted by you, the Author.)

Pricing is calculated based on your total page count and includes a $50 fee in addition to the number of pages you submit to us. The fee is represented here and paid for prior to the start of services.

(Turn around time is 7-14 business days.)

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