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Pushing Pages Writing Workshop-HOUSTON,TX

This event is an intensive writing workshop created for aspiring authors and writers that have the desire to write and publish their own books, but can't seem to get out of their own way. This workshop is also for writers who'd like to tone their writing muscle. Attendees will work one-on-one with Chrys and in small groups to produce their next page turner.

The workshop will be in 3 phases which we call The Three Phases of Writing:

1. Thoughts

2. Process

3. Results

In this workshop you will;

  • Learn to establish your ideal reader aka your audience
  • Work through blockages that have kept you from writing your book aka "overcome your fears"
  • Learn key elements of great storytelling
  • Gain tools for your writing process
  • Get access to the 24 hour outline method
  • Write your book synopsis
  • Practice writing exercises and receive constructive feedback
  • Learn how to self publish your book within 30 days
  • Become knowledgeable on the legal terms in writing/publishing books for profit.

and more!!!

BONUS: Each attendee will receive a free copy of my upcoming self publishing basics ebook plus the "Non-fiction" and "Map it Out" Writing Worksheets!

Don't miss out on this amazing workshop intensive. This offer and other amazing incentives  which will be disclosed at the event will only be available to an exclusive group of writers and are not guaranteed to return. Take advantage of the early bird registration today!

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