why I decided to get locs + 1 month update

For quite some time, I'd be saying that I was going to start my dread locs when I turn 30 years old. Why 30? I have no idea. The number just came to me and I felt like at that age, I'd be settled in who I truly was, i'd have the success I always imagined and by then I would've experienced all the other hairstyles that I wanted and could commit fully to the loc journey. I also felt like my hair would be at a length that I was comfortable with which meant i wouldn't be walking around with locs that I hated. To top it all off, I even envisioned myself being extremely physically fit (I'm talkin snatched) wearing a black swimsuit, sunshades while sitting on a yacht with the sun beaming down on me with bra-length locs. The vision was so clear!

Then I turned 27 and I wanted to do something with my hair, something drastic. I had gone through so much this year and I wanted a change badly. I saw some banging haircuts and I wanted to be about the cut life so bad, but I had just grown my hair out from the last cut. Then again, I didn't think my hair was long enough for the locs but I got tired of waiting. One day, I had the thought that life could end for me at any moment, and locs was a life goal that i didn't want to miss out on. So I did some research, found someone to start them and I did it!

Originally, I wanted to go to one of Houston's most popular loctician's but he was booked two months out. So I posted on Instagram asking for recommendations and I just went with the first person who's work looked good and had availability for that same day. (Thinking back on it, that probably isn't a good idea. Do your research on the stylist and their products.) I guess it was meant to be!

June 16th was my one month loc anniversary. Starting my locs has been one of the best decisions that I have made in life. I got them because I wanted to feel a sense of freedom. I wanted to be free. For so long, I've felt like I had to change my hair with my mood which varied depending on what was happening around me or what I was plugged into. Having locs has forced me to accept myself, even in the "ugly phase" that people seem to despise. In just one month, my locs have already began to flourish. My locs are starting to "bulb" which gives them a fuller look than before. I was also able to get clips during my retwist, so they appear tighter and they last longer. I don't know if they really grew much, but it looks like it. (Note: I'm still learning all the fancy terminologies, so don't judge. Help a sister out!)

I think many others who have a real connection to their locs will attest to the fact that there's this emotional connection that you get with them. It's more than just hair. For years I have known myself to not finish was I start. I would get excited about something and jump all in, then after a while I'd drop it and be on to the next thing. I wanted to prove that I could stick with something. I wanted to prove that I could be committed.

Starting my locs has pushed me to let go of my insecurities and to do away with superficial fixes. Now that I think about it, I let go quite a few superficial things. I changed up my style, cleared my closet by donating clothes and shoes I no longer wore and stopped wearing makeup simultaneously. I didn't intend for all of this to happen, but I'm so glad it did. I like to think that God causes certain things to happen in order to steer us towards our destiny. Becoming this brave, emotionally aware, superNATURAL , self-loving woman is all a part of my journey.

I'm reminded to embrace the journey as I move along this ever-changing life of mine. Just as my locs will continue to change, shape and develop into something beautiful- so am I.