july: notes to self

This year I learned about the true value of time. I believe that is something that all of us acknowledge the older we become. When the year first began, I didn't know I'd go on an unplanned journey of which I'd explore my past, present and future self. Though this year has not gone according to the plans that I made back in 2016 when I wrote out all my goals on a small piece of paper that I'd torn from my journal, I've come to appreciate every single moment. What I want most is to be better. Better, requires growth. Growth happens through change and sometimes change hurts. I get that now.

I've grown in areas that I didn't even view as important at one point in time. With half of the year gone, I'm now in a place of evolution. This space involves constant reflection and mindfulness-a concept that I had never considered before. This new space has become a state of being for me. Though I'm not sure for how long, I wish it to be forever.

As I continue my writing and revisit my previous works, I see where I have evolved. I see where I had accepted my voice and have given the world the true me. I don't think that I had to find myself or my voice. Both my voice and I have always been present. I just needed to accept. In each stage of our lives, we shift and we change. A constant theme for me has been to be light and authentic. At the surface, that meantjust to be myself and to be positive. Digging deeper, (through exposure and experience) I see that these two things are intentions that have to be carried out by action. To be light I must do the work. (Whatever that means for me.) I have to actively aim my energy to the fulfillment of bettering myself totally. To exude positiveness, I must be able to release and flow. There lies more work-a process that I must surrender to and immerse myself into fully. I made a list of reminders; little notes I felt that I needed as I journey through the rest of this year.

Notes to self:

*Be mindful of everything you do, watch, drink, eat, say, read, allow.

*Be present in nature and become one whenever you can with it.

*Do your very best.

*Produce authentic art.

*Respect the process.

*Allow yourself to feel.

*Slow down and take your time.

*Keep your head down; focus.

*Be light, be an example, be gentle.

*Express yourself.