Issa Podcast!!

Well that escalated pretty quickly. After only two installations of Mommy Monologues here on the blog, I've decided to let it manifest itself into something bigger. Here I am. The girl who swore up and down that she wouldn't launch a podcast is now launching a podcast. So here's what it looks like.

The first episode of Mommy Monologues podcast released on June 9th, which is my beloved daughters birthday. I created the podcast because I felt that there needed to be a space created for us as women of color and by us. This does not exclude anybody. I definitely want to encourage sisterhood and all its shades and allow this space to involve and impact everyone. However, when I searched for podcasts on iTunes that were solely about motherhood, I didn't see any black or brown faces. Why is that? I know that we value motherhood just as much as anyone else. I also know that our motherhood truths are different than others. This is why I had to create the space for Mommy Monologues to exist.

Becoming a young mother was a life-changing experience for me. As I get older, that experience has turned into a series of daily revelations that I consider a journey. It's ongoing. Up until now, I never really embraced this concept. I talk about how I used to view motherhood in a previous blog post, which you can find here. It hasn't been easy, but getting to this place has allowed me to welcome my reality and embrace everything that I've allowed myself to look at as being a struggle; and now, I am able to help other women navigate their journey with this podcast. Talk about a full circle moment!

On the first episode of Mommy Monologues, I had the pleasure of talking to my good sister-friend, Chakayla Taylor. She;s such a beautiful soul. We discussed motherhood, systems, goals and manifestation along with some other things. Have a listen to the first episode on iTunes or Soundcloud.

New episodes are added to the podcast every Monday! Follow us on Instagram @Mommy.Monologues to be in the know of upcoming guests features, content, interview and partnership opportunities. If you enjoyed the first episode, we'd love to read your thoughts. Comment below and tell us your favorite moments from my conversation with Chakayla. Oh, and if you want to join the guest lineup, pitch, to!