The Reason I Write

Ever since middle school when I took my first creative writing class, I gained a heightened interest in writing. I don't remember my teachers name. She's one of the few that I don't remember. Probably because she was mean and never really poured into us as students. It wasn't until I met Mr. Fisher in the eleventh grade that I knew I wanted to write creatively for the rest of my life in some way. He gave so much. I wonder if he understood what he was doing.

Although I was told that writing wasn't a real job, it was very real to me. I didn't let that person stop me. Publishing my first book was fun. I felt like I was on to something. That book was not about me. It wasn't for me. It was for the thousands of women who are just like me. Well, who are just like how I used to be. Since creating that books content, I've changed. I've evolved as a woman and as a writer. And that's the reason that I write.

Writing allows me to create new realities with every stroke of my pen and click of my keyboard. There is no such thing as "a reality" other than the one(s) we form within our own minds. Writing is my safe haven to do just that-to create.

I write because there's always the possibility of someones life being changed through my own words. These words all have truth to them. Some truths are mine, others I've borrowed. In the same way, I am able to give a voice to the voiceless. This art is my gift of service. It's the one thing in my life that I never had to force. It's the one things I'm magically good at-that I can succeed at with minimal effort.

When I die, I want people to remember me. The only way that I can be remembered is through the legacy that I create. Writing allows me to do that. I'm allowed to leave a lasting impression without anyone's consent. I write as a means of self-care and to show that I care. I write so that people can relate and connect with their truths. Iprovide hope and inspiration to those who come upon my words. To be able to do that is a blessing I will not take for granted. To be trusted with the minds, hearts and emotions of others is an ongoing humbling experience.

I write so that I can be free and to free my people. I write so that I can challenge myself. I can never tell the same story or relay the same message twice. So I must continue to grow and evolve. The more I am privy to learn, the more I am indebted to teaching. This craft is my remedy to heal myself. I use it to heal others as well.

I write on purpose.-for purpose. If I never have fame, extreme wealth or status; if I never get to travel the world speaking or sell a million books, still I would have lived and served. That's the reason I write.