Is Your Testimony Valid or Nah?

Since taking this new spiritual walk for the second time in my adult life, I've changed in the way I view a number of things that happen within the church and it's subsidiaries, which are the online platforms created by those God has called to share the gospel. Back in the day when there was only one church service that lasted all day instead of three-two hour services, our grandparents and great grandparents would testify in front of the entire church body about the miracles God has performed. Not so much anymore. Honestly, I read more testimonies online than when I actually attend a church service. (Disclaimer: I know all churches are different, so don't get mad.) However, most of those testimonies are either financially grounded or it's the story of how so and so got a man after abstaining from sex for 8 months. While those truths are valid and should be highlighted, there's more to what God can do. Although I believe that the people who share these very common types of testimonies don't mean any harm, I don't think they realize how they are taking away the voices of others who's stories are not the same. This really bothers me. Are those the only two areas of our lives that God is allowed to do a wonderful work in? Or are those just the only two areas that we talk about publicly? Last time I checked, the God who delivered the sick and raised the dead is still the same God right now. Can't he still do those things today? I'm just saying.

In order for people to come to know God, I believe that we as believers have to start telling the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. There is someone who truly believes that their story is not valid because they don't see stories like theirs being praised on social media and in the church. We give up on our sons and daughters, writing them off to this cold world when they stray from the church because there aren't many stories of restoration being told. So we don't believe it can happen. We don't hear much about the stripper turned prophetess, so the women who make it just in time for 12:30pm service on Sunday after a long night of promiscuity the night before doesn't really see how she can be redeemed. This causes people to continue on thinking that they will have what God promised by default and as long as they show up to church for a "feel good" message, everything will be okay. But that's not how any of this works.

God allows us to have and survive our own experiences in order for us to be a living testimony to someone else. Your victory is not for you. I want to encourage you to use your platform no matter how big or small to help someone. Your story matters. Don't let people make you feel like you don't matter and surely don't let them downplay what God has done in your life. Restoration is real. Redemption is real. Overcoming mental illness and thoughts of suicide are real. Rededicating your life to God is real. And if we want to see more of it, we have to share.



Call to action:

1. If you have experienced Gods favor over your life in any way, or if you have seen Him work on behalf of someone else you know please tell your story in the comment section below. You never know, you may help someone else today.