Be still, Shut up, and Pray.

Recently I've had a change of heart when it comes to my personal life and business. About a week ago, I tweeted "What if I lived a sold out life for God for 365 days?" I was inspired by Shameless Maya's resolve to be "shameless" for 365 days. In other words, she was going to finally face all her fears and just do her thing. On the other hand, my new resolution revolves around God, His teachings and my newly found desire to follow Him (aka conviction). Sounds scary right? I know.

I'm sure you can imagine the amount of uncertainty going through my head. (Disclaimer: I'm not ashamed.) Here's a confession; I'm a control freak! There I said it. Ever since I can remember, I've always had a bossy attitude. It's funny now because I see that exact same personality trait in my four year older daughter.  Just two days ago, I got upset (I was BIG mad) about something that happened with my daughter. I wasn't mad that it happened. I was upset because there was absolutely no way for me to fix it. I had no control!

Another fun fact about me is, I worry a lot. I don't get too caught up on that one though. I think it's in our nature as women. So whenever I worry I'm reminded of the scripture (Matthew 6:34), and I'm pretty sure worrying is something I'm not supposed to do. Think about it. That's basically telling God "I don't trust you bruh!"

Last week while I was studying (off task scrolling through my phone), Sabrina of Glam University started a live broadcast on Instagram. I was late joining, so I missed the beginning of her talk. Then someone distracted her causing her to go on a rant. I put the phone down because I had food in the oven that was about to burn, and when I came back homegirl was giving us a word! Coincidence? I think not. I don't even believe in those.

Among all the nuggets she dropped, she said, "Be still, shut up and pray". I almost lost it! I knew that those six simple words were meant for me to hear.

Oftentimes we try to act like we can handle everything ourselves. We go about our days thinking that we have control over how everything goes. That's only half of the truth. Ultimately, God is in total control. Whether we like it or not, our lives are already predestined. I've decided that it's not worth the stress to try to figure my life out. I'd rather let Him lead me where I'm supposed to go. I also rather not trip over trivial things. Instead, I'd rather cast my worries on Him. Either way it goes, God is going to redirect you to where He wants you to be. So why not just surrender? When you don't know what's next or you can't seem to "get it right" after trying so many different things; your best bet is to just be still. Until you get clear direction, be still. That goes for relationships, decision making, business, college, and even dinner plans!

I'm building a brand. A lot of my growth relies on my ability to be consistent. That means doing live broadcasts (talking), sending emails (talking) and interacting on social media (really talking). However, there's power in being quiet. When I was going through my transition to get to where I am now (which is a journey in itself) I had to pull away. I tried to fight this phase thinking that I had to push through and prove myself. However, I wasn't seeing any real results. So I shut up. Many times we miss the lessons and opportunities because we won't be quiet and listen. Our minds are constantly racing and are picking up stimuli every second of the day. Quiet down your mind by centering yourself and getting knee deep into the word of God.

In stillness, God reveals things to you that you wouldn't usually be able to detect. You've cancelled out all distractions. That's where you being to pray. Praying is intentionally asking for more revelation. For me, I pray the hardest when things aren't so clear. For instance, in business I usually just do my own thing. Now, I won't make a move until I know for sure God is in it.

If you're dealing with something that you feel isn't getting any better, take this three step challenge and watch your situation evolve. Now, the gag is...sometimes you will have to be still and shut up for a while. I didn't say that this was a quick fix orget rich quick scheme. Times like such are meant to change you and help you to grow. Still, whatever you do, don't stop praying.

For us control freaks, the first two parts (be still and shut up) are the hardest to do. But that's the point. If we could handle all of our situations, there would be no need for God to be involved. He just wants to be down. And when you add Him to the party, I guarantee you'll have the best experience of your life. 

p.s. Tell me how it goes.