5 Thing You Must Take Seriously as an Entrepreneur

When I chose to pursue my career as a full-time writer, which meant I’d be a full-time entrepreneur, I had to make a few serious decisions. I had to level up! There was no room for fear or half-ass production. There aren’t any days where I don’t write in some way. Many people want to be an entrepreneur, but often times don’t want to walk that walk and endure the ugly, backbreaking and sometimes nonsupportive journey to success.


When the idea for this post first came to me, I thought specifically about other writers. Then it dawned on me, these principles could and should be applied to all entrepreneurs. Yes, writing could be considered as entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, there are some things that we must take seriously. Without these five things, I don’t think I could truly call myself a part of the constantly growing girl boss community. I’d be remiss if I didn’t share these five things with you so that you could take your brand, business, vision or movement to the next level. So here they are.


1.     Your Work. Every single thing that you release to the public should be your best work! And whatever comes after that should be even better. I have goals that seem all over the place, but there’s a method to my madness. The reason it seems that way though, is because I enjoy challenging myself to conquer things I’ve never done before. Each time I give it my all, and get as a result, my work gets better. When it comes to your brand, don’t short change yourself. People are watching.

2.     Your Reputation. When I leave this earth, I want to be remembered as someone who cared for others, touched lives and worked hard. While I’m here, I want to be known as someone who goes for what she wants, is a woman of her word and as someone with integrity. How people perceive you is far more important that how you perceive yourself when it comes to business. When your name comes up in conversation (and it will) what characteristics do you want to be associated with?

3.     Your Money. It takes money to live a comfortable life. It takes money to make more money. In order for people to value you, you must first see value in yourself. Free doesn’t pay the bills. We often hear that we have to do things for free at the beginning, (and that’s true) but you also must create financial goals for your life and business so that you have something to work toward. If you get serious about your money and create a reachable yet challenging financial goal, I guarantee it’ll make you either boss up or sit down.

4.     Your Supporters. If you’re fortunate enough to have people actually “like” you, consider that a blessing. You are only as big as the people who support you. They’re the ones who dictate just how far you go. Without a support system, who’s going to purchase your product and services? Take them seriously. Find out what they want and deliver. Take the time to get to know them. Make your supporters a priority when it comes to your brand. We’ve all heard stories about the superstar who lost a fan because they didn’t show love or sign an autograph. Don’t be that person. All support matters.

5.     Your Future. The future is unpredictable. However, there are some things that if done now, can set you up for the future. As an entrepreneur, every step is calculated within my business to benefit my family and I in the future. The previous four things I mentioned all play a part in what the future will look like. Where do you see yourself 10-15 years from now? Not in the same place I hope. And I certainly hope your answer isn’t “I don’t know”. Get serious about your future. It’ll change the way you view and utilize time. Your future is predicated on how you spend your time today.


Call to Action:

1.     Write down at least one sentence about how you will take all five of these things seriously as an entrepreneur and share it with me on Instagram or Twitter @AllThingsChrys.

2.     Comment below and tell me which one of these five things you’re going to start taking seriously today.