Book Review: Real Money Answers For Women

Just like majority of the world’s population, when there’s a new year upon us, I make resolutions. Funny, I used to be the rebel that would not use the word “resolution”. I wanted to be different and call them goals or better yet, “intentions”. When we break down what words really mean, and find new revelations, I think it’s important that we alter our thought patterns and welcome whatever it is that we’ve learned. In looking up the definitions of both words, I felt it was better to resolve than to intend. Resolve doesn’t really leave room for excuses, intentions do. Either way it goes, the point is that I wanted to be better and do more. 


One of my 2017 resolutions was to read more books. Specifically, I wanted to read two books per month resulting in 24 book for the year. That’s a pretty good goal right? Well just to toot my own horn a bit, I am already finished reading six books, and I’m a fourth of the way through my seventh book. That means I’m ahead of schedule!

In an effort to share the wealth of knowledge that I’ve received, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite reads (or maybe every book) as I finish them. Now, some of these are inspirational while others are business oriented. Some are brand spanking new, while others are books that have been written years or maybe even decades ago. Regardless, they each add value to my life in some way and I want that for you too. I mean, what other reason is there to purchase and read all these books?

The first book that I completed this year is Real Money Answers For Every Woman by: Patrice C. Washington.  Why am I reading this? I’m glad you asked. Another one of my new year resolutions is to save and earn more money as well as make wise investments.  You see how this works? I’m getting a two for one deal over here!

Because I’ve committed to my own success with finances and I’ve read this amazing book, I’ve opened up two new savings accounts, one of which Patrice calls an “opportunity fund” and I’ve actually been saving as my money comes in. In this book, she shares a wealth of information including easy-to-follow steps for you to gain control over your finances. Here are some of the things I like the most.


·      Money Mindsets, Attitudes & Myths—This chapter was all in my business! The author has you assess your relationship with money, your parent’s money habits and more. With sections for writing, you’ll answer some questions that will reveal why you are the way you are when it comes to finances. It’s like sitting on the “financial therapists” couch for free!


·      Kids & Money—This chapter emphasizes on “how” to teach your children about money early. If you’re anything like me, you had amazing parents who gave you everything you wanted and needed but really didn’t teach your money management. (Sorry mom) So let’s not repeat the same thing with our kids. It also taught me the proper accounts to research and acquire for my daughter.


·      Wise Money Management—This topic covers budgeting effectively and lists a couple systems that you could implement. She goes over saving money while reducing debt and getting your financial documents in order as well as taking care of those dreading tasks like preparing documents for the day that you leave your estate to your loved ones. (You are going to leave them something right?)


·      Credit Repair—It seems like this is a recent hot topic. Well, she covers this too. And I love the way she did it. Let’s just say that Patrice doesn’t play games! You get tips and tricks on how to repair your credit that you can do yourself but you also get a reality check.


I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Get the book! (That’s the picture in case you were wondering.) Patrice is definitely qualified to teach us all a thing or ten. She’s been featured on the Steve Harvey Show as well as NBC and has been in Black Enterprise, Success and more! There’s so much more that I didn’t mention in this post but I’m trying to not have you sitting there reading this post forever.


If finances aren’t an issue for you, then please share some of your tips with me. If you’re like me and need some more work, do yourself a favor and look into this straight-forward and easy-to-follow book.


To purchase a copy of Real Money Answers for Every Woman, go to or visit!


Call to Action:


1.     If having better finances is apart of your New Year resolution, what are some ways that you plan to get better?

2.     If you’ve read this book, what was your favorite part? If you haven’t, will you be purchasing soon?

3.     Tell me some titles of your favorite books on money and finances. (Yes, I want more!!)