3 Simple Ways to Effectively Market Your Book

When I wrote my first book Girl Power 101: How to Get Yours and Support Her Too, I was ecstatic about finally doing something that added meaning to my life. Here I was finally getting to live out my dream of being a published author. When I was in college pursuing my degree in Mass Communications, I just knew I wanted to be a writer but in order to meet the schools prerequisites, I had to take classes that I felt weren’t necessary. Marketing and Public Relations was one of them. I just didn’t understand why I needed to know how to pitch, write press releases and narrow my target audience in order to simply write. Well now I get it.

I assume that since you’re reading this, you will be writing a book soon if you haven’t already. I’ll go even further and assume that you want to make money from that book. Yes or yes? I mean what’s worse than putting your all into something great and then nobody even notices you? At the very least, you want people to actually ready your book. Well if you’re going to publish and actually sell your book, you must be a good salesperson. And in order to generate sales, you need to know how to market to the public the right way.

Here’s three simple and cost effective ways on how to do just that.


  1. Know Your Audience

Here is something to remember. If you try to reach everyone, you will end up reaching no one. Your book should be written for one specific person or group of people and your book is a conversation between you and them. When you’ve finished your book, keep them in mind as you try to get them to purchase your book. You have to market to the same person you wrote to and believe it or not, they have a certain way of receiving information. Copy (the words you use to reach your audience) is not one size fits all. Figure out how to capture your target audience’s attention.

2. A.B.M. (Always Be Marketing)

Even though we live in the digital age, you do actually have a real life. You still go shopping, you travel and at the very least you get gas for your car. Whenever you’re in the presence of other people, you should always be marketing. Wear your brand. Get a hat, shirt or bumper sticker! This is a great way to bring in passive income with your book by just merely existing. And I always tell my clients to keep a group of bad chicks around. In other words, don’t get caught out in the world without any books! I personally keep five copies in my purse at all times.

3. Pregame Strategy

Your pregame strategy is your marketing plan. In everything you do, you must have a plan. Your pregame strategy is quite honestly more important than the contents of your book. How well you strategize will determine if people purchase your book. You should include social media, press and all areas of marketing and promoting at the least. For me, social media was a no-brainer. I had my graphics prepared well in advance and started to leak BTS (behind the scenes) footage of my upcoming book release. I got my audience involved with me by asking them to share, tag their friends and repost. You’d be surprised what you can get if you simply ask.

By doing these three things myself, I was able to sell books in just about any place I was at. I stayed ready. I also formed new relationships that would land game changing gigs for me. This is how I started speaking publicly. And most of all, I was able to generate passive income aka I made money in my sleep simply by knowing my audience, how to reach them and then having a strategy in place to collect my money.

So how do you plan to market your book? If there is no plan, you have nothing to shoot for.


  1. Try using at least one of the three tips and comment below on how it went. I love to hear success stories. Especially when they involve making money.